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Fractional Yacht Shares Ltd T/A Yachtfractions.


Telephone: +44 (0)7802 657463

Mail to: Yacht Fractions Ltd,
65 Bottrells Lane,
Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4EJ

Co. Number; 10682217. Registered in England & Wales.

About Us

Yacht Fractions are the only dedicated professional brokerage currently operating in the UK who specialise in the sale of shares in UK and Overseas based sailing boats and motor yachts.

Established in 1991 the business has gained a vast knowledge of yacht sharing through;

  • Formation of new groups
  • Brokering the sale of 1000’s of shares
  • Advising existing groups
  • Sourcing new boats on behalf of clients
  • Whole boat sales

Buyer / Seller relationship

Whilst we are contracted primarily to the seller we are mindful that we are also acting on behalf of the buyer, and the rest of the share group that the buyer is joining to ensure a good working relationship going forward. Many share owners repeatedly trade their boat shares for new ones, and we want you to return to us.

Throughout your experience with us we aim to give you a very personal service, and will never pressure you or try to alter your own judgement. Our philosophy is that a buyer will only buy what they want when they want, and we respect this. We do however ask you keep us informed of your discussions.

The History

Established in 1991 Yachtfractions [as far as we are aware] is the only professionally run yacht share brokerage business in Europe, and the USA dedicated to selling shares in privately owned sailing, and motor yachts, which are jointly owned and managed by the owners.

We have a large number of loyal regular clients who deal with us time and time again.

The Company

Yacht Fractions Ltd is a private limited company run and controlled by the directors who are also the 100% shareholders. The company has a no debt policy, it does not have an overdraft facility and has no creditors other than minor amounts to administrative service providers. The future and control of the company is thus safely within the hands of the Directors.

Yacht Fractions is now owned by Denis and Pip Lyons, who have been fractional yacht owners for over 10 years.  They have great first hand experience of being a buyer, seller and owner and therefore best place to be able to help you through this process.”

Our Aim

To operate the company on a fair and morally sound basis for all parties, and provide a top quality bespoke service. Whole boat sales – In 1998 Yachtfractions teamed up with brokers based in Athens and now have access to the largest selection of privately owned second hand yachts in the eastern Mediterranean. Having sold dozens of yachts from Greece to clients from all over the world we feel that we understand most of the peculiarities of buying in Greece inc’;

  • The legal side of the transaction, de-registration, re-registration etc.
  • Surveyors and remedial works
  • Insurance
  • Transport from Greece to Northern Europe
  • VAT
  • Payment of international funds
  • Purchase of international currency at “spot” or today’s rate and transfer to foreign bank accounts.
  • Purchase of currency to be spent in the future or “Forward contracts” to fix the price of a purchase where some of the payment is made at a time in the future.

Banking Transactions

In pursuit of good business practice we operate a secure Client account where any funds held for clients are held pending payment. These are separate from our normal business funds.

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